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As Tell Me About… is a resource site, I thought it might be helpful to have a list of our regular contributors so that you can easily find material on the topics you are looking for. The bloggers on our Tell Me About Blogger List have varied sites and content which offers more than just the links you find on the projects we are hosting here.

Please check them out and even better, give them a follow. missy x

Submissy is about me, missy, Dominance and submission, and about my journey as a married submissive. I am a wife, a mother and a teacher, and I live with my husband in a pretty Scottish town. I enjoy reading, travelling and spending time with friends and family. However, in 2012 we began a journey into Dominance and submission and and this changed our lives in a subtle but amazing way.

HisLordship UK: My reasons for managing a blog are many, however, in brief I originally hoped that it would help me locate couples living primarily in the UK who are in, or thinking of entering into, a D/s relationship that are either married or in a long term relationship. I hoped to share my thoughts, read that of others, raise positive awareness of LTR  in D/s and to have some fun with our chosen lifestyle..

Littlegem Fan Club is a little taster of what you will get when you subscribed to my Only Fans page Littlegem Fanclub. Although Only Fans is a great way to upload content the good stuff is completely invisible unless you subscribe. So I thought to get you as keen and eager as I am, a little sneaky peek might be in order. Every time I upload on Only Fans I will post a snippet there.

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Purple Sole writes at Purple’s Gem, a site he shares with his submissive, Littlegem. Purple’s gem is all about our life in a married D/s relationship.

The good, the bad and the naughty bits.

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May More: If Sex Matters. I love writing. Full stop. Fiction, real life, sexy, romantic, dark, serious – you name it I want to do it.  Apart from that, in the past I have been a computer programmer, studied nutrition and remain a Mother, a lover, an author, a friend and of course an individual.

Mary Rebelle: Rebel’s Notes. Marie is the driving force behind Rebel’s Notes, where she records things about her life and lifestyle, including food, diet, mental health, menopause, photography, her (erotic) fantasies and yes… sex and sexy photos too. She is also the host of the weekly meme, Wicked Wednesday.

Deviant Succubus: I am a submissive, brat, babygirl, degradee and masochist to Master S. We are polyamorous but not actively looking for anyone else at the moment. We have discovered much of BDSM and D/s together, and are still trying out new exciting things all the time. I have a lot of kinks, I am not afraid of trying out new things, and I very much am in love with my small but growing collection of sex toys!

Liz Black X: I’m Liz, I’m a thirty-something woman from the Netherlands. I’m a blogger, fiction writer and reviewer of sex toys. My current interests are writing erotica about bimbofication and reviewing sex dolls. Sex has always played a big part in my life, and when I discovered sex toys when I was eighteen years old, I was hooked. My husband and I are in a 24/7 BDSM relationship where he is my Dominant.

Life of a Kinky Wife: Mrs K. Hello! Welcome to Life of a Kinky Wife, a blog about me and my wonderful, crazy, kinky marriage. Inside you’ll find Erotica from my fantasy journal, insights into my marriage and how-tos. 

Life of Elliott: Remembrances and Stories of an Erotic Nature… Illustrated and Not. Writing about things I like. Mostly sexual, sometimes erotic, humorous, maybe smutty, usually a photo or two, hopefully in good taste, maybe not.  Most importantly, interesting. Elliot

Mr E and lilly: We are a mature married couple who enjoy taking and editing photos, most of which are of lilly. We have a healthy D/s based sex life which is not limited to the bedroom and gives us fun places to take pictures. We are generally quiet and keep ourselves to ourselves so there will probably be limited words but let’s see how it goes.

ML Slave Puppet: I’m a 25 year old lesbian, currently in her last year of postgraduate studies in the UK. I like to write, edit videos, play football, rugby, tennis and hang out with my friends.I started this blog because I felt it was the only way anyone could truly get to know me. Experiences shape us and by sharing mine I want to give you an insight into my personal and slave journey. I hope that my blog inspires you and helps break down the stigma around BDSM. 

Francesca Demont: Author, Traveler, and Latex Lover


Steeled Snake: We are Snake and Charmer.  We are a married couple exploring D/s, chastity, and kink. We like spending time together, drinking wine, travel and nerding out with movies, video games, and DnD. And sex.  And taking and sharing pictures. And exploring our FLR.

Marriage, Sex and More: We are a fifty year old couple, married for 27 years, high school sweethearts. I was fortunate enough to choose wisely at a young age. My blog is mostly my observations on masculinity and the attack we as men are under on many fronts. I will also address the woefully under represented long term married/long term relationship sex life, marriage and life in general.

Rugby Milf: These are just randoms thoughts of mine. Middle aged & frustrated mum who is definitely not suitable for work…….

Sex and Spanx: After years of living a “vanilla life“, i have kicked very firmly against it and am now exploring the wonderful world of BDSM with my partner and Dom – Daddy, who is quite possibly the love of my life. This blog is a diary of my adventures and any advice or tips I find along the way.

A Leap of Faith: I’m the barefoot sub, and welcome to my corner of the internet. Here you can find out more about me as well as have a tour of A Leap of Faith through my eyes.

Raspberry Ripples: I am Jenna Kirkpatrick, and I have stories of seduction and sex for you. Half of them are complete fantasy fiction. Others are more candid personal accounts. I write about sex and foreplay in a more positive healthy way.

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Submission2word: Submace: Respectfully, diligently; obedient and ready to serve.

The Cunning Linctus: Sir Thomas. With age, the flesh might be weakening, but the spirit is still willing. I’ve had twice as many successes (and failures) than people half my age. With eldership, hopefully there is more wisdom. But mostly, this retiring Silver Fox can settle back to enjoy his autumnal years with Fine Wine, Fine Food, Beautiful Women and Intelligent Conversation.

A Submissive Wife: My name is Sweetgirl, known as Sweet, and for the last 3 years I have been a submissive wife. I read a number of blogs and eventually I decided to create my own. Some of my posts are about sex, and some of them are about kinky sex but I also write about my everyday life and being a submissive wife.

Brigit Delaney: Welcome to my little slice of the internet. This is sort of like my closet, where I let my skeletons roam wild and free, sharing their dirty little (sometimes sexy) secrets, ideas, stories, and images with anyone who will listen (or look).

Morag’s Moist Musings: I am Morag. I am submissive and I am a slut. I am proud to be a submissive and a slut. In particular, I am proud to be Master C’s submissive and Master C’s slut.

I am not Master C’s girlfriend, I am not His partner. I am His submissive, His slut, and He is my Master.

Last Updated 10th January 2022