What is Tell Me About ...

Tell Me About ... is a collection of links to Alternative Lifestyle Writing, Erotic Photography and the Tell Me About Podcast

Our aim in hosting it is to share and learn by creating a resource which is a collection of relevant writing from individual blogs.

You may wish to visit as a reader looking for writers who are sharing experiences you can relate to, but we really hope that you will be encouraged to share your own views, ideas and thoughts with us here too.

How To Take Part

To take part all you have to do is post a piece relevant to the prompt on your own blog and use the linky tool to add your writing to the collection.

The linky tool for Tell Me About ... Dominance and submission will open at 12pm on a Sunday and close at 12pm on a Saturday and will run every two weeks.

The linky tool for MONOCHROMEROTIC will open on the Thursdayclose on the following Monday evening and will run weekly.

The linky tool for SEXUAL HEALTH will run for the whole month. It will open on the first day of the month and close on the last day. There is a miscellaneous category which will remain open for posts which do not fit the prompt.

The other collections are open and so the link will remain open too!

If you don't have a blog of your own but would like to participate then we can host your post here or you can post as a member on The SafeworD/s Club blog and link here in the same way.

Once you have added your piece then please promote your link on social media with the hashtag #TellMeAbout (or #monochromerotic), follow the other links, and show your fellow bloggers support by commenting.

For more detailed instructions please read the Blogable post Adding a meme badge and linking your post to a prompt.


  • Writing should be personal reflective or factual in nature. While there are lots of great writing projects out there which share writing which is fictional, our aim is to reflect real experience so we would discourage submissions of that genre.
  • Writing should be your own.
  • Writing which refers to other sources should make sure those sources are clearly acknowledged and attributed.
  • Although the prompt will be interpreted in an individual way, your submission should reflect the theme.We want to reflect real experience so would discourage writing which creates a false impression.
  • The purpose of Tell Me About ... is to create a resource so if you would like to link more than one relevant post you can do that. It is also fine to link older posts, as long as they fit with the prompt.
  • Always include the relevant Tell Me About... badge in all your Tell Me About ... posts. The badges can be found on the relevant page.
  • Images should not contain graphic close-ups of genitalia
  • The person/s in the image must give consent for their image to be posted and used in the header gallery if voted top pic.
  • Writing and images should not contain anything illegal
  • While we realised you are posting about topics which present alternative lifestyles, content warnings should be used where appropriate.