Tell Me About … Blindfolds and Masks

This time we are asking you about blindfolds and masks. Are these things that you use as part of your […]

Tell Me About … Desire

On Tell Me About this time, we want to know about desire. What are your desires? How do you meet […]

Tell Me About … Impact Play

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Tell Me About … Aftercare

This time was are talking about Aftercare. Aftercare is such an important part of BDSM play and one that can […]

Tell Me About … Your Journey

We all have a story to tell about how we got to doing this thing that we do, and the […]

Tell Me About … Giving

This month is all about giving and so I thought it would be a good focus for our next Tell […]

Tell Me About … Goals

As the previous year closes and the new year rolls in, many of us use the opportunity to take stock […]

Tell Me About … Rope Play

We have asked you about various kinks and play, including bondage, but this time we are asking you about rope […]

Tell Me About … Headspace

This time on Tell Me About we are asking about your Dominant and or submissive headspace. What allows you to […]

Tell Me About … Expectations

This time we are asking about Expectations. You might want to write about expectations of yourself in terms of your […]