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Submissive Reflection #5 ~ Learning from others

How do you learn from others?

The fifth question for focus as part of our submissive reflection is How do you learn from others? While this might seem quite straightforward, being aware of how we are influenced and supported is key to our own development as a submissive. Our expectations of our own submission are often born from interaction with others, whether this is in person, online, or through writing. We also all get moments where we feel that we are stuck, or not suited to the role, so it might be worth considering any learning you have done in this way.

Some people are lucky enough to find someone to act as a mentor, either officially or unofficially, and let us not forget the learning that can be done within the relationship through training etc. However you learn from others, the idea is to reflect on how that impacts on your submission, your relatoinship and your submissive self, so dig deep for this one. Whether or not you are completing the prompts in order, the point is to use your reflection to set some action points to help you going forward.

As always, you are free to interpret the prompt as you want: we are all different and will experience our submission, and interpret things in different ways so feel free just to run with it. Why not just start writing and see what comes?

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When I am looking for information it is important to me to find writing by someone I can relate to. I hope that in creating these projects we can not only share information and experience, but also discover writing by others who we feel echo some of the same thoughts and feelings. For that reason, it is a community project which is made better by the different voices who become part of it. So basically, we want you!

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