Ringing the Changes

Ringing the Changes

I was a bit stuck with what to do with Tell Me About a few months ago, but I have mulled things over and, with a bit of a kick up the arse from a friend, have decided on the way forward. Actually it has been less of a kick up the arse and more of a fresh view which has led to energy and inspiration. And the whirlwind that is Sweetgirl, has got me enthused once more. There are a few changes to existing projects and a brand new one to help with submissive reflection.

So here are the changes:


Monochromerotic will continue in the hands of HisLordship until Gem returns from her maternity leave. He has added a prompt which will be shown on the main photography page for those who wish to plan ahead of time. Although it started as a weekly link up, it is going to be every two weeks at the moment. The new prompt will begin on a Thursday and you will have until a week on Monday to get your posts added. We are taking the idea of the more the merrier with all of our projects so there is no limit to the number you can add. Voting will take place on the Tuesday and the Top Pic will be announced on the next prompt.

DIY, D/s Diaries and Sexual Health

DIY and D/s Diaries have always remained open in terms of links and this will continue. I did move the Sexual Health project to a fortnightly prompt but have copied those links over to the original linky page so they are all in one place again. Talking about our sexual health is so important so please share your posts here if you can. There is a list of prompt ideas on the page, but no topic is off limits, as long as it fits with our ethos and rules.

Dominance and submission

Tell Me About … Dominance and submission was where we started. After 65 prompts we took a break but as this was started as a resource, we are working back through the original prompts and will open them up and republish them. This means that people can add newer posts they have written, or go back and revisit the topic, as many of us writing about D/s do. This will begin in February with the updated posts being released every Friday.

Submissive Reflection

I am also adding a new project. This is a selfish one in a sense, as one of the focusses for my own blog this year is to spend more time reflecting on my submission. Tell Me About … Submissive Reflection will have a number of prompt questions designed to help you to do just that. The purpose of this project is to allow you to reflect on your submission and on your submissive journey. A lot can be gained from a long, hard look in the mirror, and these prompts are designed to allow you to focus your thoughts. Hopefully this will allow you to see where you are doing well, and identify areas to focus on for growth.

This is not a weekly meme, although initially prompts will be released each Monday. There is no need to do each one, or complete them in any sort of order, and there is no set timeframe. Each prompt will have its own page with a linky tool so you can add your post whenever you want. Often our experiences change over time so there is no limit to the number of posts you can add to each link. If things change for you, or you feel it is time to reflect again, simply add your new link.

Host your Post

Another change is the addition of a submission form for those who want to take part in any of our projects but don’t have a blog of their own. We have always had guest posts but hopefully this will make it easier for people to submit them to us. We will publish the post on our blog and add the linkup to the linky tool with the other posts. If you start this way and then create your own blog, we can go back and add a link so that readers can find their way to your other writing.

Looking Forward

Hopefully these changes will allow Tell Me About to continue to grow as a resource, not just for bloggers to showcase their work, but for readers to enjoy a resource which holds links to posts from a range of different voices. We can learn so much from others and this was always the idea when I started the site.

The TMA Podcasts will remain here although they may be formatted differently. We have plans to have more audio and video resources on The SWC, but there may be some more added here if HL takes a fancy to it.

Hopefully you will continue to support us by adding your posts to the projects here when they fit, and help us to build this resource of writing on lifestyle topics, with a twist.

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  1. I hope to get back to Mono and my flash fiction stories soon, as I love that there are prompts, and it helps that it’s open for two weeks. I tried to find the upcoming prompts but couldn’t locate them?
    For now I won’t be joining in with any D/s stuff, but who knows down the line 🙂
    ~ Marie xox

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