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Monochromerotic #56 – Seasons

Welcome to Monochromerotic #56 A massive thank you to everyone who linked up and shared your beautiful images this week.

Before I introduce this week’s Monochrome offering I would like the thank Gem for all her hard work in keeping this space managed so well! We could not have done it without her! Having said that, to park mono whilst Gem takes a break to have her baby would not do the work everyone has submitted justice; Therefore I will be leading on Monochrome for the time being and looking forward to all your brilliant images! I may submit one or two of my own you never know.. Hislordship.

Join In Monochromerotic #55

As we pass from autumn to winter, in this half of the hemisphere at least, our surroundings are changing with every gust of wind! Some of the most dramatic mono photos capture the washed out skys in the morning when the tempretures start to drop . I am going to see if I can create an erotic image that can mirror that, maybe you will join me?

You can of course use a splash of colour if you wish and please share as many photos (theme related or not) as you would like.

If this is your first time please make sure you take a look at the rules in our Welcome Post. Don’t forget to add our badge which can be found on the Monochromerotic main page.

Please use the linky tool below to add your post and remember to check back by end of Tuesday to view everyone’s amazing images and vote for your favourite picks! You can of course vote for more than one. The most voted for image will then be showcased on Thursday. Any questions or problems please feel free to drop me an email / Twitter @HisLordshipuk

Please note that photos have to be added from file in the linky tool, the ‘from web’ button doesn’t currently work.

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