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I began Tell Me About back in January 2019 as a way of collating a resource of different voices all writing about the same D/s related topics. I wanted to do this for two reasons. The first was that it can be difficult to find reliable information on D/s from those who are actually ‘living it’. The second is that I was aware of lots of great blogs about D/s on platforms such as WordPress and Blogger who were not recognised in the various ‘blogging top lists’.

In 2020 we decided to expand Tell Me About and so we gave it its own URL and added Gem’s weekly photography project as well as HL’s Podcast. We also added some other projects which have open links/a monthly focus. While we really appreciate the support we have had, things seem to have been quite slow in terms of those linking up for the writing projects the past while. I think this probably reflects the transience of the blogging community, the difficult in sustaining a D/s relationship long term, and personal projects that reflect natural growth and change for people.

For this reason I have not published another prompt at the moment. I still have the same desire to provide a resource and highlight writing about D/s related topics but am going to take some time to think about the best way to do this going forward. Tell Me About was always intended to be a community based project so if people do have ideas or suggestions about what might work then feel free to get in touch.

Over the time we have been running we have collated writing on 65 different D/s topics as well as topics relating to Sexual Health, DIY projects and our D/s diaries, so if you are looking for resources please check them out using the links on the home page or the menu. Thank you to those of you who have taken part over the years – your support is much appreciated.

Yours, missy x

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  1. So I’ve been thinking about this…

    I don’t know if this is helpful/useful, but this is kind of my ‘take’ on the whole D/s prompt thing:

    While other people might read about what I do and put a label of D/s on it, it’s not really a label I have much interest in; I do what I do and if you like what I do, great — if you don’t, that’s great too. It’s just The Way I Am. I don’t feel the need to explain it or justify it, nor do I seek much in the way of information or community in that regard. Also, I feel like D/s (or whatever it is) is just a small piece of a much greater and more important puzzle: my relationship. So in that way, it feels limited in scope regardless of the breadth of available kinks/interests within that scope. Therefore, when I see a prompt that is specific to D/s, I tend to skip over it. Also – and perhaps especially – because so many of them seem quite M/f focused. (That’s not a criticism, it’s just my perception based on the posts I’ve read.) Which is just not how I roll.

    I appreciate the concept of creating resources for others. Mostly, though, where D/s stuff is concerned: it’s just not something that speaks to me.

    I’m also just BAD at participating, honestly. Like, I just do my own thing — and have been doing my own thing for a decade, during which times hundreds of bloggers have come and gone — and don’t have a great desire to be… I dunno… sociable(?) *laugh*

    Sometimes when I’m struggling to write, I will look to prompts to help me tap into my creativity. Other times, I might have something already in the pipeline and if I see that it ‘goes’ with someone’s meme/prompt/project, I will try to join in for the purpose of sharing/support. But I’m bad at it. I often think, “OH, that’s a good idea” and basically smile/wave as I walk by, but then just proceed in a completely different direction.

    If that makes sense.

    I have a personal interest — in general, but especially right now — in sexual health and the myriad issues/problems/frustrations that come from that part of one’s overall health, mainly because I’m paying close attention to what my body is trying to communicate these days. (And my body is not exactly a straightforward communicator, lemmetellya.) So my personal interest, where prompts here on Tell Me About are concerned, has leaned in the direction of your monthly sexual health topics.

    It’s not clear from this post whether you intend to put the Sexual Health prompts on pause as well as the D/s prompts, but I really think it’s important that we talk — honestly and candidly — about our bodies at all ages and stages, so I would encourage you to continue. Especially because it’s something that, meme-wise, nobody else is doing.

    As to the level of participation in that regard: I hope it’s not a matter of ‘only getting a few links’ holding you back from continuing because honestly, quality trumps quantity. _Especially_ on sexual health topics.

    But I also get it if it feels like the effort is currently not worth the reward.


    My two cents. 🙂

    For what it’s worth.

    • Thank you for sharing your two cents. It is worth a lot!

      I understand what you mean about the D/s prompt and it is specific and therefore will attract less people. I am ok with that as that is basically what my blogging is about so it is where I am coming from. I am less into the kink side of it as without the words that make the power exchange, on their own the kinks mostly don’t do it. With the exception of one or two perhaps. There are also a lot of other prompts on general kinky type themes so it was my focus really. I understand why that might not appeal though.

      I am sorry about it seeming too M/f as that was not my intention. I wanted it to be inclusive and have tried not to make it seem weighted but it is hard when you are stacked one way to always notice when you have written something that might show a leaning. Apologies where that has been the case.

      Re the sexual health part I am not sure. I guess I wondered what the feeling was so appreciate what you have said. I agree it is important and although I mostly write about my own relationship, mental health/wellbeing and sexual health are two things which I am interested in and passionate about so I do focus on those too. I don’t want to stop that but might do something on my own blog rather than using the format I have had. I get what you mean about doing your own thing and I think I am feeling more like that. I will make a decision before next month as I have missed a prompt for august. Thank you for sticking with me!

      Missy x

  2. Perhaps the reduction in link ups is also reflective of the difficulty many relationships have faced over the last 18 months? I think we have all commented on (and I know I have written about it) how our D/s dynamics have suffered from the lockdown restrictions.

    I do find that I can’t always contribute to a topic because it isn’t something we have done or intend to do.

    My own writing has been affected by my health challenges and even now I’m struggling to write. Some of that is because writing it down means facing the truth of things, some of it because our lives are very vanilla and if I was to write it would be too revealing.

    I hope you find a way to keep the meme going, but if not tell me about has achieved what it set out to do, it is a fantastic resource. My blog at the moment is more a tell me about life than it is about D/s.

    Take care


    • Thanks Sweet. The points you have made about life this past while are so valid and I do think it has had an impact. I am ok with things changing and shifting though and so I want to make sure that I shift too. I have lots to focus on so I won’t go away even if I don’t continue with this part of what I do. It is great to hear that you have adjusted your blog to suit what is happening at the moment and I think that is really important. Always lovely to see you here. I miss you ❤️

  3. I think this is a good call, and I am thinking hard about what I am going to do about The Menopause Diaries, especially after a recent change my host did regarding my hosting package. I might just move it to my own site… time will tell.
    ~ Marie xox

  4. I’m sad to see this category go, as it was certainly my favourite. Though, I stopped contributing because life was too busy on my end to be aware of what was happening anymore. Either way, thank you for running this! You’ve created a wonderful list of resources.

    • Oh don’t worry. It is sort of back. We are opening them all up so that people can come back and add. I also have one for submission which you might want to look at but I am going to keep them all open ended as that seems to make more sense when it is a resource. x

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