Sexual Health ~ Talking about Menstruation #5


Welcome to the current monthly prompt for Tell Me About … Sexual Health and thank you to all who raised awareness by writing about Cervical Screening the last time. I can remember back when I was at school we talked about periods quite a lot and compared notes excitedly as each of us ‘started’. My mother was right though when she said that it wouldn’t take long for the novelty to wear off. After that we didn’t really discuss menstruation and it pretty much stayed like that. However, this meme is about raising awareness of issues about talking about the topics we often don’t. So from period sex, to PMT, we want to hear your thoughts on menstruation.

The prompt is designed to be flexible so please write in any way you want about menstruation, although posts should be factual/opinion based in nature rather than fictional.

Marie is also talking about Menstruation this month over on The Menopause Diaries, so if your post fits, please think about linking up there too.

How do I take part?

Please check out the rules and then take part by adding your post using the linky tool at the bottom of the page. Remember to display the Tell Me About … Sexual Health badge (found on the main page) on your post, and  please comment on the other posts and promote on social media where possible.

I will add the upcoming topics to the calendar so that you are able to see ahead.

For anyone who is new to linking to memes and projects and is confused about how to add a badge or link up, Marie has written a great post over on Blogable, Adding a meme badge and linking your post to a linkup which will tell you exactly what to do.

Tell Me About …. is about creating a resource so if people wish to link more than one relevant post or link an older post, that is fine.

This topic will close at on 31st July.

A plea to bloggers to join us

When I am looking for information it is important to me to find writing by someone I can relate to. I hope that in creating these projects we can not only share information and experience, but also discover writing by others who we feel echo some of the same thoughts and feelings. For that reason, it is a community project which is made better by the different voices who become part of it. So basically, we want you!

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