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True life is lived when tiny changes occur

Leo Tolstoy

We moved Tell Me About… onto its own domain some months ago and at that point, opened it up to topics other than Dominance and submission. Gem’s photography meme, Monochromerotic, has been a big part of that, as has HL’s Tell Me About Podcast. At the time we also introduced three new projects which we hoped would become resources for those looking for information, as well as those who are blogging and had useful posts to add to the collection.

These three, D/s Diaries, Sexual Health and DIY have had an open link up so that people can add relevant posts whenever they want. To some extent though these are hidden and can easily become forgotten, unlike the projects with a weekly prompt. For this reason we are going to make some changes. One of these will be that Tell Me About Sexual Health and Tell Me About DIY will become projects with a monthly topic where you can link your posts.

Tell Me About … Sexual Health

As a teacher of Sex Education, sexual health is not only something that interests me but something that I am passionate about. Earlier this week when I was writing about the teaching of pornography, it made me think about the Sexual Health project and how I could use it better to create more of a resource. So from March, Tell Me About .. Sexual Health will have a monthly prompt.

What about the posts which don’t fit the prompt?

Posts which have already been added to the original collection will be moved to this page and it will become a link up for any posts which you feel are relevant to the topic of sexual health but which don’t fit the current theme. They will be categorised under miscellaneous. As with the Dominance and submission project, the idea is to create a resource, so older posts are fine too. For this reason I imagine that over time many of the miscellaneous posts will also find their way onto the monthly collections.

How do I take part?

I will add the upcoming topics to the calendar so that you are able to see ahead. For anyone who is new to linking to memes and projects and is confused about how to add a badge or link up, Marie has written a great post over on Blogable, Adding a meme badge and linking your post to a linkup which will tell you exactly what to do. You can also find the rules here. As always, if you have any issues then please just let me know.

A plea to bloggers to join us

When I am looking for information it is important to me to find writing by someone I can relate to. I hope that in creating these projects we can not only share information and experience, but also discover writing by others who we feel echo some of the same thoughts and feelings. For that reason, it is a community project which is made better by the different voices who become part of it. So basically, we want you!

The link up for the Sexual Health topics will open on the first day of the month and close on the last day. The current miscellaneous collection will remain open, but look out for our next prompt which will be Talking About Sex and will open on March 1 and run until March 31.

Add your link

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