Christmas with HL & Shelley Hossack

Firstly, Merry Christmas to you all, it’s certainly  very chilly in the hills of Scotland ! Before we get going I just wanted to thanks those of you who have downloaded or streamed the podcasts so far. Your continued listening is very much appreciated by me and those that you tuned in to learn more about. We have a number of new projects for 2021, so please take the time to subscribe so that you don’t miss what’s coming up.  This is our Christmas special edition and special because yes it is the 25th of December and because today I am talking to Shelley Hossack, or as you’ll discover, probably more aptly tagged, Hurricane Hossack! 

You may not be familiar with Shelley just yet, however, her recent project ‘’, her love of modelling and her amazing battles with life so far may soon have you pricking up your eyes and ears. Please check the show notes for Shelley’s links so you can explore her projects further.  So, if those around you have over indulged on rich food and drink and you find yourself in need of another cracker to pull, give this one a go.  She certainly goes off with bang!   Merry Christmas.

Cover photo courtesy of Shelley Hossack

Twitter – @shelley_hossack


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