Interview with May More

In episode 3 I have the pleasure of sharing time with my friend, May More; author, blogger and self-confessed nomad, May talks to me about her challenging up bringing, her love of people and writing. Speaking from her home in Wales May tells me about her kinkier side of life and enjoyment of collaborating with other erotic writers. Join me, in the Tell Me About Podcast.

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  1. Loved this HL – Lovely to hear my pal May talk in such a relaxed way. Isn’t she an inspiring and intelligent person, so full of ideas and always encouraging new and existing bloggers. I’m very grateful that she said nice things about me and I loved your very gentle style of questioning. Great podcast guys!

  2. It was so good listening to the two of you! May, you are an inspiration to so many people, and I love working with you on Blogable and calling you a friend <3
    And yes, yes, yes to the novel, May. DO IT!
    Thanks for getting May on the podcast, HL.
    ~ Marie xox

  3. That was great fun – also the closest to sitting in a cosy pub having a nice chat over a couple of pints as it’s currently possible to have.

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