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The topic for this time on Tell Me About … is AFTERCARE, but first I would like to thank all of you who linked up posts about Impact Play the last time. Thank you for all of your entries and, as usual, it was great to find out more about the different thoughts people have. I realise that everyone is busy, but if you have the time to comment on posts too, that is always encouraging for those who have written them and much appreciated.

Featured Post

This week I would like to highlight the post Return of the cane: how pain tolerance changes over time by Sweetgirl. In this post Sweet talks about using the cane after a period of absence and how this has affected her tolerance. I felt that this was a really important post because she also highlights some of the difficulties of managing with a disability or an illness and how that can affect your need to alter what you do. I know that sweet is currently not able to blog as much as she did but she is still very much part of our community so I wanted to highlight her post this week.

Impact Play

This time was are talking about Aftercare. Aftercare is such an important part of BDSM play and one that can sometimes be overlooked. By Aftercare, we are referring to what you do immediately after play in order to connect and look after one another. This is essential if a sub is spacey but can also be an important part of the connection you have. We want to know about how you manage Aftercare – what do you do, how does it work, are there times when it has been forgotten? What are the advantages of Aftercare and why is it important for both parties?

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