Ready and Waiting

Ready and Waiting by Luscious Lips ~ Guest Post

When I’m bored I just love to be a naughty little tease. I decided it was about time I started having way more fun than I am already having, which to be honest isn’t a lot despite turning over a new leaf from angel to sinner. I mean common you only live once right? So here’s a naughty little tease of a photo for you.   I must say though this is fast becoming my favourite position.

On all 4s. Knickers in my mouth to keep my mouth shut because lets face it this is the only time you will be able to keep me silent. Otherwise I will be loud. You know why ? Because I want to, because I  can and because it’s the only one time I can get away with being loud. I don’t care who hears. Either cover your ears or try to drowned me out😜.

Luscious Lips waiting on the bed

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Have you seen the image I posted last week?

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  1. Thank you everyone for your comments. I struggled with the writing (im not very good at it) but I finally got there. The words I wrote for this picture is my favourite piece so far

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