And Here I Stand

And Here I Stand by Luscious Lips ~ Guest Post

For over the course of 4months I haven’t been well. On the 4month I had a new health issue that the doctor isn’t sure about (no im not pregnant), which leaves me scared to eat, struggle when eating, nauseous, vomiting, bloating and stomach pain.

Over time all my hard work of losing weight and toning up is now non existing causing a huge effect on my health. Every time I look at myself I feel sick more sick at what I see, fat and ugly. I just absolutely hate looking at myself. If I could get rid of every single mirror in my house then trust me I would. I am sick to death of always being poorly and having to rest. Im not used to resting. I usually carry on regardless of how bad I am that day.

I’m usually so stubborn, but giving how working out when poorly makes me worse I thought lets just try resting dor a change, however now I’m bored and think all this resting I’m doing is making me more unhappy. Yes I’m poorly, and have chronic illness, yes I’m battling this new illness the doctors aren’t sure about, but im not about to give up now. As I always say to myself ‘life isn’t over just because I’m ill’ Not that resting is giving up, but for me it’s a killer. Fitness keeps me sane and happy even though it’s painful. 

So here I stand again. You can’t see my bloated belly much at this angle, but if I was to stand side on you would definitely see it.

I took this photo and of course hated it straight away and even called myself some good awful names. But now here I stand hoping to eventually just love this photo. Being ill doesn’t make me more ugly, I am still me, the fact that I get through everyday even though I struggle makes me more stronger and feel powerful, posting this makes me proud of myself.

For all of you out there that have an illness. You are still and always will be Beautiful, Amazing, Strong and Powerful. Your illness does not define the WARRIOR YOU ARE.

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  1. I am sorry to hear you are not well and the docs don’t know what it is, but I just want to say that this is a beautiful image. You really look good, and I love the purple edit 🙂
    ~ Marie

  2. I’m sorry you are struggling. I went through a very similar time with an autoimmune disease and it took several years before I got it under control. Keep on searching for an answer and don’t forget to look outside the realm of conventional medicine. That’s how I beat it. The many years of being debilitated and in pain made our D/s a struggle but we got through it and came out stronger in the end.

  3. You are beautiful and I really love this photo. Your spirit in the face of a negative situation is brilliant and really shows the strength of you and your character. Gem x

  4. thank you everyone for your lovely comments. They really mean alot and always do. I know I don’t comment on posts much, but honestly its because half the time I feel like my brain is just full of fog. I never know what to say and worry aboucoming g across as lame. I do read your posts though and love what I read.

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