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I Surrender by Luscious Lips ~ Guest Post

For a long time I was in the Shadows of everyone around me. The only time I was seen was when I was needed for something and then I had to do so quietly. I did things to please others forgetting about my own needs scared that if I did something that I truly wanted to do I’d be cast more aside than I already was. My mental health got worse because of it. I’m here, but no way was I living.

In the end I gave up trying to please all the time. People don’t walk in my shoes they have no idea what I am going through, they don’t live my life I do, so therefore I shouldn’t let them control my life. I can’t do things for others I have to do it for me because I want to.

Being a Submissive is the best thing I have done for myself (even if I do still have alot of bad days, but that’s all for different reasons) you know why? Because I chose to I surrender to my needs because I deserve happiness, I surrender to a dom because I choose to not because I am made to or forced to, but because I can. 

Always do the things that you want to do. Live the life you want to have because if you don’t, you will regret it. Don’t let other people live your life for you. Otherwise you never will be happy. You’ll just be in the shadows a shell of a person. And you don’t deserve that at all.

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