Off with the panties, with stile. Guest Post

Off With the Panties, With Stile by Lilly ~ Guest Post

I like to wear nice panties, who wouldn’t, it makes you feel good, sexy, right?  The thing is, I’ve been struggling while out walking.  We walk most days between 3-6 miles and I usually last 10-15 minutes before I start fidgeting with my knickers. A bit of a skip, squeezing buttocks and thighs together, a little wriggle and shake, a slight touch or full on hand up or down my skirt to give them a tug. As we’re walking Sir says I could get a grant for it, from The Ministry of Silly Walks – Monty Python.  

I’ve tried different styles, little lacey thongs, string thongs, cotton thongs, shortie style panties, briefs, even my ‘big pants’. I don’t know if it’s the weather or what but wearing jeans, shorts or a skirt make little to no difference. Sir has picked up on my not-so-subtle ferreting around with my underwear and if we are off the beaten track will tell me ‘Take them off’. What a relief. The freeing feeling of being outside without knickers, the wind blowing beneath my skirt. Of course the fact that Sir is hard thinking about me knickerless, is also a bonus. And knowing that Sir could lead me into a wooded area, bend me over a tree stump or push me up against a tree, hitch up my skirt and fuck me, sends my mind into overdrive. The countless possibilities running wild in my head. What if we were to bring some things from home like rope, cuffs, a flogger, a paddle, maybe a blanket, ooo and a chargeable toy or 2. The kinky fuckery we could get up to.  If only we did things like that 😉

Lilly is a long-standing member of The SafeworD/s Club. Why not check out some of the posts she has written about Dominance and submission by following this link.

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  1. I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t, apart from being seen, or child commitments, or bad weather. But, apart from that kinky walks sound fun.

  2. Going out without panties, and just knowing that he knows too… that is so sexy, and indeed, so freeing. And it makes for some sexy images like this one!
    ~ Marie

    PS: you had me laughing at your Monty Python remark!

  3. Sexy action shot and a fun subject. I am the opposite about knickers, I’d feel more comfortable with them than without.

  4. PS- kinky walks are fun but very weather dependent. Being wet and being wet can be different
    Marie- thank you. Pleased you get the reference.
    Posy- thank you. We are having fun


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