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Fighting Demons by Luscious Lips ~ Guest Post

Too many words and labels in my head. You are this, you are that,what are you? Now I am surrounded by darkness trying to consume me. What to believe and what not to believe. Arguing with myself, but never winning. How dare they do this to me. Words cut deeper than physically injuries, but I refuse to quit. I REFUSE to let HISTORY be my DESTINY. Watch me now as I grow into the person you can only wish to be.

We all have some demons that we are forever fighting. We sometimes let other peoples words effect us. Now let me tell you something. You are non of them negative things. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but WE don’t have to own their opinion. Lets filter out the negatives and reign in the POSITIVE. Welcome in them POSITIVE compliments. Because believe you me they are true. You are amazing, beautiful, compassionate, considerate, inspirational, strong, intelligent, brave. You are all them things and more, so believe it. YOU MATTER.

Fighting Demons - Lucscious Lips naked in the water

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  1. Really enjoying how much you are getting in to sharing your photos, it’s liberating and beautiful and I hope that it brings you the strength to be you.

  2. Thank you so much everyone for all your comments. Its your comments that keep me going. I really am getting into posting photos and writing about the shots. I hope that it helps to build up my confidence in time and my other hope is that some of the things I write will go towards helping individuals through difficult times.

    You are all amazing xxx

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