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Being Bold by Luscious Lips ~ Guest Post

For years I was such a quiet person, such an angel. I would complain about how boring my life was. I didn’t smoke, drink, go out round town nor did I meet up with my friends very often. I finally had enough. I’m complaining but, yet I could do something about it. Go out, have fun. Well going out and having fun didn’t really happen so I complained some more. Years passed by and now here I am, BOLD as ever. Having fun on no mans land. who would have thought I’d have so much fun being naughty and taking risks. Finally I feel like I’m living life.

We complain about certain things yet sometimes when we can do things about it we don’t. We let it take over and before you know it we are unhappy. It is hard to get that motivation believe you me I know, but your happiness is important. If you’re unhappy about certain things that can be solved or worked on then do it. Do something about it. You will feel so much better for it in then end.

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  1. I love your image, very naughty and tempting. You are very right that if we can we should certainly do what makes us happy, we deserve it to.

  2. Good advice LL and love this image of you. The blue tone works really well and sort of draws the eye down to you hand. 🙂

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