Tell Me About … Romance #27

The topic for this time on Tell Me About … is ROMANCE, but first we would like to thank all of you who linked up posts about Objectification the last time. There were fewer posts this week which I think reflects the fact that objectification is probably less mainstream than some of the other kinks. The posts gave a really good insight into how it works for others though so if you haven’t read the posts already then please check them out.  We realise that everyone is busy, but if you have the time to comment on posts, that is always encouraging for those who have written them and much appreciated.


As we approach Valentines Day, we are asking you to tell us about romance and how it works within your dynamic. Some would assume that a D/s relationship would leave no space for spontaneity and romance. Is this the case or have your found the opposite to be true? Share all of your secrets and top tips and tell us about how you keep things romantic as well as steamy and exciting.

Please write your own post about romance and then link for us here on Tell Me About

As always, please respond to the prompt in a way which works for you.

If you are new then please check out the rules and then take part by adding your post using the linky tool at the bottom of the page. Remember to display the Tell Me About … badge on your post, and  please comment on the other posts and promote on social media where possible.

If you would like more information about the how and the why, the what and the how of taking part, then you might want to read my post, Memes and Prompts.

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