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Tell Me About … Objectification #26

The topic for this time on Tell Me About … is OBJECTIFICATION, but first we would like to thank all of you who linked up posts about Pain the last time. We were thrilled to see so many posts and with 23 entries in all, it was the highest we have had so far! If you haven’t read the posts already then please check them out, and although we realise that everyone is busy, if you have the time to comment on posts, that is always encouraging for those who have written them and much appreciated.

We launched Tell Me About … on the 28th January last year and it is really exciting to have watched it grow over the course of the year.  I would like to thank all of you who have supported us by taking part and adding your post to the link each week. Regular contributors make all the difference and we do really appreciate the time that you take to read, engage and encourage others. It is also exciting to see new people come along and link up and we also appreciate those who join as and when the topic strikes a chord. Finally, I would like to offer my personal thanks to Sweetgirl who agreed to help me co-host at the end of the year. She has worked tirelessly tweeting and retweeting and publicising and she has been a huge support to me.

But onto the topic …


Objectification often seems to be one of the lesser practised kinks but can work hand in hand with erotic humiliation. It could be part of role play, pet play or just something that adds to your power exchange. Is it something you have tried and, if so, was it successful? If not, what do you think might be the appeal for some, and what puts you off?

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