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The topic for this time on Tell Me About … is CONTROL, but first we would like to thank everyone who linked up posts about Fantasies the last time. Wow – 16 of you took part which is a fantastic number of entries. If you haven’t read the posts already then please check them out.  We realise that everyone is busy but if you have the time to read and comment on posts, that is always encouraging for those who have written them and much appreciated.

Featured Post

I am choosing the featured post this week and, although I got carried away in all the fantasies included, the post that I would like to highlight is Tell Me About: Fantasies by Sweetgirl.

I really liked the way that Sweetgirl wove some of her own fantasies through her post, combining them with things she and Mr H had done, as well as things that are still on their to do list. She makes the point that talking about their fantasies has opened up a world that they are now able to explore.

It all began when I expressed a desire to be spanked, and dominated and almost 2 and a half  years later I remain a huge fan of sharing fantasies, after all it has meant I have had some of the most amazing sexual experiences with MrH as well as improving my depression, so I believe that fantasies are worth having and sharing, because if you share them they may even become a reality. Click here to read more


There are not many things more relevant to a power exchange dynamic than control.  This time we are asking you what is the role of control?  Who has the control in your relationship and how is it used? And what is its effect on the dynamic that you have and how do you deal with any outward signs that you are giving up, or taking control?

Please post all about the part that Control plays for you, and then link for us here on Tell Me About…

As always, please respond to the prompt in a way which works for you.

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If you would like more information about the how and the why, the what and the how of taking part, then you might want to read my post, Memes and Prompts.

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