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The topic for this time on Tell Me About … is SCENES, but first we would like to thank everyone who linked up about Anal the last time. If you haven’t read the posts already then you should definitely check them out as they really illustrate the variety and experience of those taking part. I realise that we are all busy but if you have the time to read and comment on posts, that is always encouraging for those who have written them and much appreciated.

Featured Post

This week for the featured post I chose  “Anal Sex and Long Term Affects: “Will it Break My Butt?”” by littlegem. I Have so often wondered the same thing and so to have gem work through the concerns that she had, slowly finding evidence to allay those fears was both interesting and helpful. 

For everyone that hasn’t read our blog before I will start by saying, I love anal sex. I have written a few posts about the topic so don’t want to tread on their toes, but I like pretty much anything in there. One question that I had always been too afraid to find the answer for though was if there were any long term risks to anal play. Read More ...


For many of those in a power exchange relationship, a SCENE is the time when they really get to explore all that lies at the heart of their dynamic. A sustained illustration of both Dominance and submission, a scene can be the ultimate in feeding your headspace. This time we are hoping that you will take us go backstage and let us into the secrets of your play. From planning to execution we would like you to lift the curtain and tell us all about your most memorable scenes.

Please post all about your SCENES and then link for us here on Tell Me About…

As always, please respond to the prompt in a way which works for you.

If you are new then please check out the rules and then take part by adding your post using the linky tool at the bottom of the page. Remember to display the Tell Me About … badge on your post, and  please comment on the other posts and promote on social media where possible.

If you would like more information about the how and the why, the what and the how of taking part, then you might want to read my post, Memes and Prompts.

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