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The topic for this time on Tell Me About … is Consent, but first we would like to thank everyone who linked a post about Rituals the last time. If you haven’t read them already then you should definitely check them out as there are a lot of great ideas in there. I realise that we are all busy but if you have the time to read and comment on posts, that is always encouraging for those who have written them and much appreciated.

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This week for the featured post I chose The Morning Ritual by Nora Jean of A Loving D/s Life. A seasoned blogger, Nora Jean has recently set up her newest blog, A Loving D/s Life, and I would recommend you all to go and check it out. Morning Ritual is a good example of the beautiful way she writes and it offers an honest and real peek into the dynamic she has created with her husband.

hen you sleep with someone for over 45 years, your individual rhythms become one …

I awaken first, knowing without looking he is still asleep. I await, in gradually heightening anticipation. Yesterday he instructed me in what is to become our Morning Ritual … I let myself sink into submissive thought … read more

Consent  is such a hot topic at the moment and, as a society, we seem to forcing the need for it into the spotlight as never before. But how does consent work in your relationship? How do you negotiate around if for play which can be thrilling but dangerous at the same time? Is consent something which is built into your agreement, does it work alongside a contract, or is it more flexible than that? How do we insure we are safe and that our limits are not pushed, especially where consensual non-consent is concerned. I am sure that this is a topic you have considered before as the media love to criticise BDSM players because of their apparent lack of consent, so this time we are asking you to share your thoughts and opinions here and tell us about how it works for you.

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