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Tell Me About … Public Play #14

The topic for this time on Tell Me About … is Public Play, but first we would like to thank all of those of  you who wrote about Collars and Cuffs last time. How interesting to see the different meanings for different people and also to get some new ideas of how to use them.  And speaking about getting ideas from others, we really like the idea that May and Floss have used for F4TF by having a spotlight post, so we thought that we might try something similar and feature one post from each Tell Me About … category.

Featured Post

HL has chosen the Featured Post this week and he selected Collars and Cuffs by Rebel’s Notes.

Rebel’s reflection on times when she once wore cuffs is lovely to read. It demonstrates clearly the emotions and physical feelings of what those bands of leathers mean to her.

I miss the feeling of the handcuffs. Miss presenting my wrists to him so he could tight he leather cuffs around them, one by one. Miss the way he tested each cuff to make sure it wouldn’t slip off over my hand.

Public Play

Public Play can mean different things to different people so this time we are asking what it means to you, and what your experience of it has been so far. Do you play in public in front of others at events and if so, what does that add for you? Do you like to watch or do you prefer the idea of being watched? Or maybe your Public Play is more inadvertent where you use the thrill of others being there to enhance the experience? Even if playing in public is something that you use as part of your fantasy or via images or film, we would like to hear all about how it works for you.

So whatever your own use of Public Play is, please join us this week to share your thoughts and add your link.

Please, as always, respond to the prompt in a way which works for you.

If you are new then please check out the rules and then take part by adding your post using the linky tool at the bottom of the page. Remember to display the Tell Me About … badge on your post, and  please comment on the other posts and promote on social media where possible.

If you would like more information about the how and the why, the what and the how of taking part, then you might want to read my post, Memes and Prompts.

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    • You are welcome. It was a great post and I am glad it was HLs choice. We feel lucky to have you taking part too as you have been a really good supporter of the meme, so thank you

      • I think it’s fab that you’re doing something similar 🙂 although I confess it was May’s fantabulous idea not mine, lol. She is the ideas lady I just do some of the leg work :p Now I just have to rack up more TellMeAbout posts to earn myself a coveted Featured Post spot =D

  1. So glad u like the spotlight post Missy – such a compliment you are using it and when you need someone else to pick the post – in the future – I am sure me and floss would like to give it ago one week – maybe between us if she agreed ;-)x

    • Oh great. That would be fab if you would some time. We can have a look at the topics so that we can find one that interests you

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