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Whether you are interested in writing about Dominance and submission, enjoying erotic photography, or listening to our podcast you are in the right place. Just use the tabs on the menu or click the buttons below to find about more.

Dominance and Submssion

A fortnightly writing prompt designed to promote writing on topics relevant to Dominance and submission.


Hosted by His Lordship these podcasts are an insight into the nice people he has met in the world of lifestyle blogging and writing.


A weekly photography meme hosted by Littlegem where you can upload and view links to the very best of erotic images - all in monochrome of course.

Sexual Health

An open project where you can add or find links to writing about all aspects of sexual health.


An open project where you add or find links to writing or posts about kinky do-it-yourself.

D/s Diaries

A collection of Dominant and submissive diaries kept over a 7 day period which will provide an insight into life as a Dominant, a submissive or a switch.

Tell Me About... Submissive Reflection

The purpose of this project is to allow you to reflect on your submission and on your submissive journey.

The Tell Me About Team


Blogging at submissy and co-founder of  The SafeworD/s Club, missy is the creator of Tell Me About and manages the writing projects


Blogging at HisLordshipUk and co-founder of  The SafeworD/s Club, HisLordship is the creator and host of the Tell Me About Podcast


Blogging with her partner at Purple’s Gem and erotic content creator at Littlegem Fan Club, littlegem is a photography enthusiast and host of Monochromerotic


Sweetgirl is an established blogger with her own site, A Submissive Wife. She supports us with much of the admin of TMA and its various projects.